Laser Vein Removal | Southgate, MI

Attalla Aesthetics in Southgate, MI is proud to offer the latest, most advanced laser technology for eliminating unwanted spider veins from the face or body.

Lutronic Clarity is one of the most versatile and efficient laser technologies available –  providing the fastest, most even and effective laser vein removal  treatment for all skin types. Unlike many other laser systems, the Lutronic Clarity technology is safe and effective on all skin tones – including darker skin.

Laser vein removal requires carefully applying the right wavelength of energy to break up coagulated blood, while sparing the surrounding tissue. This state-of-the-art process is called “selective photothermolysis.” The laser light energy is absorbed by the chromophore (color in the hemoglobin) and converted to heat – which breaks up coagulated blood and destroys the targeted veins and lesions.

With adjustable laser pulse widths from .35 ms to 300 ms, we can create customized treatment options for each individual patient based on their unique skin type, tone and vein issue. And, this state-of-the-art laser vein removal equipment also delivers contact air cooling, for the most comfortable and painless laser vein removal treatment possible.

With Lutronic Clarity laser vein removal at Attalla Aesthetics in Southgate, MI, you can get rid of unsightly spider veins once and for all.  Schedule an appointment and get the clear, vein-free skin you will love with laser vein removal treatments at Attalla Aesthetics in Southgate, MI!