Hollywood Laser Peel® | Southgate, MI

Attalla Aesthetics in Southgate, MI offers a wide array of innovate, highly effective skin renewal and anti-aging treatments. State-of-the-art Spectra Hollywood Laser Peel® by Lutronic is our newest skin rejuvenation treatment.  Made famous by Hollywood actors, A-listers, and influencers, this leading edge laser treatment dramatically reduces or eliminates tell-tale signs of aging, fine lines, unwanted pigmentation including age spots and sun spots, and acnes and acne scars. In fact, the Hollywood Laser Peel® is the first short-pulse laser to earn FDA clearance for treating melasma

The Hollywood Laser Peel® delivers gentle but powerful short laser pulses that target and remove damaged skin cells and activate the skin’s natural regenerative processes on a deep cellular level. Stimulating the skin’s own healing mechanisms produces hyaluronic acid, elastin and collagen fibers for a smoother, clearer, more youthful complexion. And dark, pigmented, discolored or sun-damaged skin cells are replaced with clear, bright, new skin cells.

Hollywood Laser Peels can be performed in only 20 minutes. And because short laser pulses are used there is less thermal damage and inflammation – resulting in a more comfortable treatment with virtually no downtime! This is why so many stars and celebrities rely on the Hollywood Laser Peel to look their best before before walking the red carpet.

Schedule an appointment at Attalla Aesthetics in Southgate, MI and and we will help you decide if the Hollywood Laser Peel or another of our advanced skin rejuvenation procedures is the right aesthetic treatment for your aesthetic goals … so you can look like the Star that you are!